Jun 30, 2020
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What a long strange, and enjoyable, trip it is. TTRRUUCES’ self-titled debut is a hip musical journey that mashes many cool aspects of various genres into a Play-Doh funhouse and squeezes out a hippie-styled, disco dream-pop.       

The duo of sad girl Natalie Findlay and lost boy Jules Apollinaire create tunes that are playful and entertaining with a layered and attractive sound. But when the groovy bass lines, syrupy synths, and spiraling sound effects are mixed in the right proportion the results are dazzling.  

Tracks such as “The Disco,” “I’m Alive,” and the stellar “Sensations of Cool” feature bouncy rhythms and catchy refrains that create the perfect setting for Findlay’s honeyed vocals. TTRRUUCES have crafted a truly delightful debut album. (

Author rating: 7/10


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